Jiggs Whigham Jazz Trombone

John Kember

Jiggs Whigham Jazz Trombone - Concepts, Ideas and Examples

Schott ED 12710 ISMN M-2201-2191-3

John co-authored this book with the famed Jazz Trombonist Jiggs Whigham. It is an inspirational guide to playing jazz trombone, with contributions from eminent international players. The book includes a CD wth full performances featuring the BBC Big Band, play-along tracks and video clips.

First published in 2006, Jiggs Whigham Jazz Trombone is intended for Grades 6 onwards. It has 80 pages.
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CD Included!

Full performances featuring the BBC Big Band, Play-along tracks and video clips

Jiggs Whigham and the BBC Big Band, viewed from above. Jiggs is wearing a suit and holding his trombone. The BBC Big Band are wearing pale blue jackets and dark shirts and holding their instruments.

Born in Ohio, Jiggs first came to the attention of critics and fans at 17, when he featured as soloist and first trombonist with the Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Ray McKinley. Two years later he was made first and solo trombonist with Stan Kenton's band. In 1966 he was awarded first prize at the inaugural competition for Modern Jazz in Vienna. Using Bonn, Berlin and Cape Cod as home bases, Jiggs was the first Professor and Head of the Jazz Deprtment at Cologne University, Professor for Life andhead of the Hans Eiser College of Music in Berlin and, from 2000 to 2001 was visiting professor at Indiana University.

For a number of years Jiggs was bandleader of the Swiss Radio Band and artistic director of the Berlin Radio Orchestra (RIAS Big Band Berlin) and he later went on to conduct the BBC Big Band and the Berlin Jazz Orchestra. He is a lifetime member of and general advisor to the International Trombone Association, the German Trombone Society and the International Association of Jazz Educators. He is in demand as a soloist, director and teacher.

What they say

“How can one do all that in a lifetime?” “Jiggs has been all over the world, inspiring thousands of kids of all ages with his clinics, arrangements, broadcasts and concerts. I swear if there was a gig on the moon, he'd be there on first trombone. How can one do all that in a lifetime?”
Dick Nash

“he is master of our chosen instrument” “"How does he do that?" I always ask myself whenever Jiggs picks up the trombone immediately after conducting the BBC Big Band for two or three numbers during a live, recorded concert, and making whatever he plays sound effortless and fantastic. I have concluded that Jiggs has total control over all the elements of brass playing and that he is master of our chosen instrument.”
Gordon Campbell, Lead Trombone, BBC Big Band

“I still marvel to hear him play” “Jiggs Whigham is one of those rare human beings who are naturally talented in many ways and in many different fields. He has always been interested in all sorts of music. For example, I still marvel to hear him play a high-class Mozart Requiem - proof that diversity of experience and influences shapes an artist's personality.”
Professor Heinz Fadle

“like having a private lesson from the master himself” “Schott publishes 'Jazz Trombone: Concepts, Ideas and Examples' by Jiggs Whigham. The co-author is John Kember. The accompanying CD is performed by none other than the BBC Big Band and is outstanding. Jiggs Whigham is an internationally acclaimed trombonist, bandleader and educator. … Using the play-along CD the performer can follow what Jiggs is playing and emulate him. … It is like having a private lesson from the master himself. This is without doubt one of the best books on jazz trombone I have had the pleasure to look at. I highly recommend it not only to jazz practitioners but also to anybody who strives to be a trombonist.”
'Sheet Music Review' Jan/Feb 2007. Trombone review by Graham O. Jones

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